Recommended Supplements

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A healthy diet and proper supplements can work wonders in keeping your pets healthy, improve their quality of life and increase longevity.  We are proud to incorporate the highest quality supplements in our fully stocked pharmacy.  We carry products from manufacturers such as Standard Process, RxVitamins, Designing Health, Nutramax and many others.  While some, such as Missing Link, are recommended for the majority of pets, they may not be appropriate for your pet or particular health condition.  Please consult with your veterinarian before beginning use of any supplements.

Recommended Products:
  1. The Missing Link:  A powdered whole food supplement containing omega fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other supplements.  These work synergistically to support healthy skin & coat, promote healthy digestion, increase joint & muscle strength and stimulate the immune system.
  2. Welactin:  Contains wild-caught salmon oil (EPA, DHA) that inhibits tumor growth and metastasis, decreases allergic response, supports kidney function, immune system and nervous system.
  3. Mega C:  A powdered form of Vitamin C and essential minerals to strengthen ligaments and tendons that support the joints and to boost immune response.
  4. Dasuquin:  Increases synthesis of joint fluid, which relieves pain.  Oral preparations include glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin.
  5. Blue Green Algae:  Provides nourishment to the cells, resulting in a stimulation of the immune system and stem cell production, as well as a decrease in allergic response.
  6. Noni, Goji, Acai:  Liquid alkaloids promoting proper cell function and regeneration.  Helps enhance the immune system and stimulates healing in arthritic & skin conditions.
  7. Colostrum:  Creates a healthy digestive tract, boosts the immune system and accelerates healing.
  8. Transfer Factor:  The most powerful part of Colostrum’s immune response.  These are microprotein immune messenger molecules used to treat malignancies, auto-immune diseases and bacterial, viral and fungal diseases.
  9. Onco Support:  Combines bio-active phytonutrients with specialized nutriceuticals to support the increased metabolic need of cancer patients, resulting in increased vitality and improved immune system resistance.
  10. Poly-MVA:  Contains B complex vitamins, minerals, palladium and amino acids.  This complex alters the electrical charge of DNA molecules to repair damaged DNA and cause cancer cells to self destruct.  An 85% improvement rate has been documented by cancer specialist Dr. Greg Olgivie.